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January 2017

2018 Market Predictions

Keeping An Eye On The Market


Folks, it is our annual tradition in January to talk about the state of the market, and this year will be no exception. From the super bowl, through Harvey to winning the world series and now enjoying the snow, Houston has had quite the year! So, how will all of this affect our real estate market? What positive or negative changes can we anticipate?

Are you caught up with the new tax overhaul law? CPA, Sheri Allshouse will be giving us insight into the new law at our next meeting to get you up to speed. Our businesses live and die by the market. Investors have to be willing to adapt or run the risk of seeing their business wither and their profits diminish. We can't take our first steps, we can't pivot in the direction of the market, without first talking about the many ways we view market trends and project those into the future.

I can't tell it all to you here -- so, be there. Without going into much detail, you can know that it is irreplaceable information that will determine the success of your business this year. Don't work against changing forces greater than you or your business! Find out how you can tailor your business to move with the current.


Boost Your Business With Education

(My last class to teach, ever.) 

This year we are starting off with two great classes, and I really encourage all of you to decide if either of these are a good fit for you.

If there is anywhere you are struggling with your business, the unfortunate truth is that it won't work itself out. Nothing will change if you don't change. Could improving your Online QuickBooks skills or creating a Five-Year Plan change your business for the better? This five-year plan class is not offered anywhere else in Houston, and this will be my last one to teach. This class has sold out consecutively. So, if you’re interested in this class, get your seat before they’re gone.

Invest in education and see returns in a flourishing business.


What can we expect from the recent Tax Overhaul Law? CPA Sheri Allshouse will be giving us insight into the new law at our next meeting. Bring your notebook!

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