January 2017

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Start building long-term wealth now

This two-day class is for those who are ready to Start, Save or Expand their Rental Portfolio.


Now is a great time to make a life-changing investment. Melissa and I have owned and managed rentals for many years. We have dealt with it all! We've experienced ALL KINDS of tenants, contractors, property issues and (now we can add) hurricanes to the list. Yet, we have continued to grow through a recession, through economic growth, through many different external changes and have built a profitable rental portfolio. Since the Hurricane, we have been out purchasing as many flooded homes as we could find. The people in these homes were grateful for a new start and Melissa and I were grateful for a new investment.


Learn From Us:
In building our rental portfolio, we created wealth for our family where none had existed before and would love to see you do the same. In this meeting, we will share from our 10 years of experience as investors, lenders, and as a property management company; to help you build YOUR profitable rental portfolio. We want to keep you from buying the wrong properties, which can be just as important as buying the right properties.



Don't Wait, Begin Now
Look, it’s no secret that one of the best ways to build wealth is to accumulate rental assets.
But owning a rental is not as easy as posting an ad on Craigslist, getting a tenant in there, and just sitting back to collect checks. Oh no. There is SO much more to it. I can't even begin to tell you here.

I mean first you need to know if it’s even a deal, you need the analytics. In my experience as a lender in my lending company, Investor Loan Source, I have people asking all the time for rental loans, which we do -- but never on properties, they should NOT buy as a rental. I also see it from the angle of my leading property management company, Edgewater Properties. People are frequently coming to us to manage their properties because they can't make any money and don't know what they are doing wrong.

The biggest difference I see between a successful rental investor and an unsuccessful investor is training. I have made plenty of mistakes myself while building our rental portfolio and I have seen many more mistakes that others have made.

There is no reason you should make these same mistakes. Learn from us, get it right the first time, and catapult yourself on the path to success.

-Tom Berry

Location Crowne Plaza River Oaks
Date Jan. 20th  & 21st
Time 9 AM – 5 PM