February 2017


F  R  E  E     I  N     F   I   V  E


Ready to leave that 9 to 5 behind?
In this two-day intensive course, you will discover how you can be financially independent in as little as 5 years.


This class is one of my most well-known and highly attended classes.  This class is designed to help you determine your goals, establish your priorities and create a viable plan of action to achieve them.

Melissa and I created our 5-year plan when we couldn’t even afford our rent. Now, I know what your thinking - "making a five-year plan is easy - you just write down what your goals are and things happen." It just isn't that simple if you want real results.

We had a giant eye-sore of a ‘dream’ board in our living room for 48 months. A 4X8 foot whiteboard stirring up great conversations with guests. This board wasn’t a list of things we wanted. No, not by any means. It was a plan, a strategy. It tracked our progress and kept us going. Friends joked it looked like a detective’s murder mystery board. This whiteboard greeted us every morning with tasks and every evening it tracked our progress and reminded us what we were working toward.

You can’t just write down what you want and have it suddenly. If that was the case then writing your new year’s resolution would instantly trim those extra 15 lbs. And if that’s the kind of plan you’re looking for, they exist, and are called wishing wells. Wishing wells are free and easy, success is not. If you want success, you need to work for it. You need to plan.

There will be risks to this plan, no doubt in that. But taking an educated risk, creating a plan and having a safety strategy is what will allow this plan to work for you. I’ll never forget the day Melissa looked over at me and said: “We’re just one mistake away from being broke again.” This became our ‘catchphrase’ during our early building years.

Free in Five will be my last class to teach and it will provide you invaluable information for your goals and your future. This class will provide you the key principals of success, the right mindset, and a plan. If you’re ready for this intensive two-day course - designed specifically for you, I urge you to sign up now.

Location Crowne Plaza River Oaks
Date Feb. 24th & 25th
Time 9 AM – 5 PM
Non-Member $400