April 14th, 2018

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Have you been Dreaming of Quitting your J-O-B to become a Full-Time Real Estate Investor? WAIT! Take this class first!

"Picture yourself ten years from now – choose your direction, earn the life you want. Don't let life just 'happen' to you."

In our last meeting, we discussed some of the mishaps new entrepreneurs make while transitioning from a J-O-B to full-time investors. It isn't that you can't just quit your job and start investing, you can - success just isn't very realistic when choosing this path. You need a plan before you clock out. This class is your plan. It was designed for you to leave with the knowledge and confidence necessary to start building your business, to building your freedom.


In this class, we will discuss the 6 principals of transitioning from J-O-B to a full-time investor in depth.

What are the 6 principals?

  1. What it takes to make the transition
  2. How your mindset and commitment play a major role
  3. Getting the help, you need
  4. Surround yourself with a team
  5. Defining your Business
  6. Creating Consistent Success in your Business


  1. What does it really take to make the transition?  You can’t quit your job and start ‘investing’ in the air. You need to know what you want to invest in, where to start, who to work with, where to look. I mean, you can do this - you can quit and jump right in, but I do not advise it. It's the same principal as jumping into the deep end without knowing how to swim.
  2. Mindset is key to doing anything successfully. Your expectations and reality must be in line with your confidence and your own abilities. This is critical to sustaining your success. The right mindset was a key factor in my own journey. It delayed my progress for nearly a year. I want to help you skip that year and start getting your feet wet now.
  3. Getting the help, you need: What does that entail? You need someone with expertise in your chosen investment strategy. Someone who can assist with marketing. You'll need a CPA come tax season and a few more important support groups to ensure success. Don't stress this last minute, build your support team before you jump in.
  4. Surround yourself with a Team: One person didn’t create the Colosseum and one person alone isn’t going to create your business. (I'm sorry to break the truth to you, it takes at least two to tango!) You need a second opinion, you need people who share your vision, and those strengths compensate for your weaknesses. Above all, you need to have people you trust.
  5. Defining your business: You’re an investor now, hooray! But what do you invest in? What strategy meets your investment needs, are you passive, active, are you looking for quick return long-term? It is very important to understand what investment strategy you will enjoy and excel in.
  6. Creating consistent success in your business: Your first deal went through without a hitch! Congrats! Now what? Am I a business owner because I made an LLC? How can I continue on the path of growth and continue doing deals? Don’t worry – I will tell you this too.


I look forward to educating you on how to make this transition as smooth as possible. Taking this class will save you time, stress and money. This transition is not as glamorous as many advertise but it will be a rewarding one. I can tell you, it has been the best decision of my life. Take this class and start your path to success today. 


See you then!

-Steve Vigil

*Please email support@thewealthclub.org should you have any questions, comments or concerns!*

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