Common & Uncommon Funding Class September 2018


September 2018

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Don’t pass on a deal because you don’t know how to fund it...


Tom Berry is coming out of retirement for one day only to join Steve Vigil to teach YOU the common and uncommon ways to fund real estate deals.  They will also be sharing how they raised a combined total of tens of millions of dollars  fund their real estate deals!


Wouldn’t it be great to know exactly how to fund every real estate deal that comes your way?  Are you tired of passing on great real estate opportunities because of “lack” of funding?  Yet, because of limited knowledge, someone else comes in and takes what should have been your deal!


If this is a challenge that you face as a real estate investor, it’s time to fill in that knowledge gap and get educated on all the traditional and creative funding strategies available to you.


In this comprehensive one-day class, Steve Vigil and Tom Berry will be sharing in detail the common and the uncommon strategies to fund your real estate acquisitions. With this knowledge, you will be able to choose the best funding options for the various real estate deals you will encounter.


During the class, Steve and Tom will be sharing with you in detail:


  • A comprehensive list of funding options
  • How and when to use these funding options
  • How to properly analyze a deal to understand what funding options work best
  • Help you to choose the funding options that best fit your real estate business model


Stop letting opportunities pass you by! Join us September 22nd at 9:00 AM and learn how to fund your deals to grow and scale your real estate investing business.


Only 40 seats available.  Act fast! Don’t miss out on this opportunity!