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September 2017

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How to generate leads that will bring you profitable deals

So, you've started your real estate investing venture, and you've been trying to get the business off the ground, but for some reason, you're finding it hard to find your first couple of deals. Perhaps you've come across a potential lead, but you're not really confident that it's really a deal 👍 or a dud 👎.

Well, you don’t want to miss this month’s meeting because The Wealth Club's own Steve Vigil will be sharing the methods he uses to generate leads to find great deals. After this session, you will be able to confidently go out and find worthwhile deals in your area of town!

Here are some of the topics that Steve will be discussing:
  • What are the things you need to do to get out there and find deals?
  • Where are you doing to find deals?
  • What methods are you using to market for your deals?
  • Are you following up with your leads?
  • What kind of deals are you targeting?
  • How well do you know the areas you are marking to?
  • How are you evaluating your leads to know if it's a deal or dud?


We're Investors Helping Investors

Here at The Wealth Club, we want to help you reach the levels of success that you so strongly desire. We're founded on the philosophy of investors helping Investors which means that we are here to help you.

Join us September 27th at 6:00 PM to get insights and resources to start generating leads to find profitable real estate deals over and over again.




Steve Vigil and his partner Suzan Meaux are the owners of The Wealth Club and SVSM Enterprises, LLC.

They have been full-time Real Estate investors for five years.  Over these past five years they have flipped over 350 deals and acquired 60 rental properties.  They continue to operate SVSM Enterprises, LLC, their full-time Real Estate investing company, day to day.  Steve is out in the field every day doing deals.

Steve has coached many new investors, along with talking at seminars and hosting numerous classes on a wide variety of topics based on all the things they do in their business:  marketing and finding deals, wholesaling, raising private money, rehabbing, and buying profitable rental properties, to name a few.

Through all Steve’s teachings, at seminars and classes, it is important to him to keep everything he teaches about very real.  Steve wants to share these successes and teach you how to have success with your business.

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Quality Service

We pride ourselves on obtaining the most cutting edge and relevant industry information and providing you with quality education. Should you have any questions regarding our upcoming classes or meetings, shoot us an email or give us a call. We are here to help!


While providing quality education The Wealth Club fosters and promotes a friendly networking environment. Every meeting we dedicate one hour to Networking, so make sure to bring your business cards! Join the movement, investors helping investors!


Every meeting is an opportunity for you to make connections, obtain relevent industry information, promote your deals and get funding. There's a reason we are called the "Most active Real Estate Investor Club in Houston."

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