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Who We Are

The Wealth Club was established with one simple principle in mind: Investors Helping Other Investors.  Our real estate investment club is unique because we provide our members with the right resources to grow their businesses. We take pride in our ability to create a friendly and welcoming environment where new and seasoned investors alike can come together to learn, network, and achieve success.

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The Wealth Club has all the resources you need to build, grow, and succeed in your real estate business.  Whether you are interested in wholesaling, rehabbing, land lording, passive investing, or just want to connect with other professionals, this is the place for you!

We are active investors and we love what we do! Each month we put together content-packed meetings for our members and guests. At these meetings, we feature successful Houston investors who share valuable insights and knowledge that you won't find anywhere else. Join us for our next meeting!

Our Members Include...

  • Wholesalers
  • Rehabbers
  • Single Family Home Owners
  • Commercial Real Estate Owners
  • Interested Landlords
  • Realtors
  • Attorneys
  • Lenders/Investors
  • Contractors
  • Business Owners
  • Communications experts
  • And more!

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What We Offer

We have been called "The most active real estate club in Houston" and there is a good reason for that! Take a moment to speak to some of our members and see what they are up to. We are proud to say that we have the friendliest, most approachable members. They are very generous with their knowledge and resources, happy to freely share their insights, willing to partner up with one another on deals, and always glad to advise new investors along the way.

Monthly Meetings

We have time for networking at the start of the meeting, then we begin with announcements and introductions of our trusted vendor partners and available resources. From there, the theme of the month will direct the rest of the meeting. Sometimes it's an all-star Q&A panel discussing marketing, other times it's a well-known guest speaker talking about real estate strategies, or Steve teaching about aspects of real estate.

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Mastermind Groups

Our Platinum Wealth Club members gather virtually for a monthly brainstorming session. This is where our members can put their heads together, share resources and accountability, successes and needs, and find encouragement through the journey to financial freedom and success.

FREE Resources

Check out our "Resources" page to find tools specially designed to help you take your real estate business to the next level. You'll find copies of Steve's books on investing, exclusive offers from our vendors, and more!

Online Community2

Online Community

Members of The Wealth Club can use our social community to post questions, resources, deals, funding opportunities, and more. And for those who miss a meeting, our meeting video archives are available for viewing.

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Meet The Team

Our Story...
Steve Vigil and Suzan Meaux are the proud owners of The Wealth Club and founders/owners of SVSM Enterprises LLC, SVSM Capital, and other SVSM companies. Like most people, they started investing in real estate with little background in the industry while working full-time. Today, with decades of experience behind them, Steve and Suzan take great pride in educating and assisting fellow entrepreneurs in reaching their goals and achieving wealth.

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Steve Vigil

Steve Vigil started his real estate education in 2002 when he bought his first rental property. Over the next 10 years, he picked up an additional 5 single-family homes, along with 8-unit and 10-unit apartment complexes, and thus his passion for real estate investing was born. At the time, Steve had already been working in corporate America for many years and feared he would never be able to retire and live the lifestyle of his dreams without some change. While he had a few rental properties, he knew this was not enough to ever retire on and be free from his “J-O-B”!

Steve has a background in management, sales, and operations and worked his last 10 years in corporate America as the General Manager of a large event company. In 2012 he knew it was time to get the education and coaching necessary to become a full-time real estate investor and finally achieve the scaling he desired with his real estate business. His corporate background and experience have served Steve well, and he was able to leverage that knowledge to facilitate the creation of many successful real estate companies afterwards. By this point, Steve would be classified as a very seasoned and well-established real estate investor.

Steve and his partner Suzan are the owners and founders of SVSM Enterprises, LLC, owners of The Wealth Club, SVSM Capital LLC, and a number of other SVSM companies. The SVSM companies have flipped hundreds of homes, built a large rental portfolio, mortgage note program and also act as private lenders to affiliated and unaffiliated Borrowers. The Wealth Club, the premier real estate investing group in the Greater Houston area, is their education company, providing coaching and mentoring to real estate investors.

Since the start of their business, Steve and Suzan have raised capital for all their deals through private lenders, who primarily took the form of passive investors. They have completed hundreds of deals and maintain a strong performance track record. In addition to being a full-time real estate investor, Steve takes great pride in teaching and educating others about the world of real estate investing.

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Suzan Meaux

Suzan has always had an affinity for real estate. Her first home purchase was a HUD foreclosure in Louisiana, which she intended to use as her primary residence. When moving to Houston in 1999, she again purchased a VA foreclosure as her personal residence with the hope that she could someday upgrade to a nicer home and rent out that property.

Fast forward to the present – since 2012, Suzan and her partner Steve have created numerous SVSM entities to accommodate their real estate businesses, portfolio, and private lending program. They are the owners of The Wealth Club, the premier real estate investing group in the Greater Houston area, education company, providing coaching and mentoring to real estate investors; SVSM Capital LLC, private lending company; and several other SVSM companies.

Before Suzan began her real estate investment business, she had a career in accounting. Specifically, she was a corporate controller in her professional life. However, after the expansion of her and Steve’s real estate businesses, Suzan left her corporate career to run the SVSM businesses on a full-time basis in 2015. She handles corporate affairs for the SVSM businesses, namely: setting up entity structures, performing accounting functions, general ledger work, 1099’s form completion/distribution to investors, handling tax matters for the fund, preparing marketing and promotional materials, and serving in an HR capacity to manage personnel.

Due in large part to her background and experience, Suzan was able to develop efficient processes for all facets of the businesses – buying and selling properties, handling rentals, facilitating flips, managing the mortgage note program, and all aspects of the business operations, including tracking and reporting. Suzan is instrumental in the Company’s fundraising operations and has created systems that allow private lenders and passive investors to grow their investments. She is key in developing business relationships with investors and has constructed systems which allow passive investors to feel confident working with SVSM and keep them coming back to reinvest time and again. Suzan works to grow the business and build solid relationships. Suzan’s mission is to help other entrepreneurs and add value to their lives by educating them in the world of real estate investing and in realizing their dreams.

Our Vendors