Our History

The Wealth Club was originally founded by Gordon Appleby. He became a full-time investor in early 2000 and shortly thereafter started a free meeting called The Newbie Club—the precursor to today’s Wealth Club. This meeting provided a unique environment for new investors to meet and begin their journeys into real estate.

The meeting quickly gained popularity and attendance by both new and seasoned investors alike. What was most notable from the beginning was the willingness of the “old pros” to team up with newer investors, teaching them to bird dog and wholesale. Thus the early Wealth Club began a reputation for action-oriented support and encouragement.

Gordon later developed and offered a more intense education opportunity called The Real Estate Investor’s Armed and Dangerous Boot Camp, bringing together 10 of the top local investors who taught on every aspect of launching a real estate business. It was later dubbed

 “The best beginner’s real estate training on the planet.”

In 2005, Gordon stepped it up a notch by launching Project Prove It. It was composed of a series of inter-connected classes intended to lead the investor, step by step, through more advanced strategies.

The training was helpful, but Gordon sensed that the missing piece was a community, where investors could network, build relationships, and conduct business—all while receiving training and up to date information on an ongoing basis. There needed to be a community of Investors Helping Investors.

So in January 2007, Gordon announced his intention to create that community. On March 31, 2007, the original meeting of The Wealth Club took place. Over 125 excited investors filled the room, that is less than half the size it is today.

There were many good real estate investor clubs in town at the time, but The Wealth Club was created to be different…

One of the original principles of The Wealth Club was, and is, the concept of giving back.

Gordon’s vision was that those who were helped by The Wealth Club would, in turn, help the next generation of new investors. As a result, hundreds of real estate careers have been launched or expanded through The Wealth Club. In addition to this success, about two dozen teaching careers have been launched as well. Two of those have gone on to become nationally known teachers, with more to follow, no doubt.

The culmination of this original vision of homegrown leaders giving back was the passing of the torch of leadership to the new and current owners of The Wealth Club; Tom and Melissa Berry.

Interestingly, they took leadership The Wealth Club on April 1, 2013, six years, almost to the day, after that original meeting in 2007. Tom and Melissa’s career literally grew up in The Wealth Club, and credit much of their phenomenal and rapid success to it.