The Wealth Club was originally founded by Gordon Appleby in 2002.  The meeting quickly gained popularity and attendance by both new and seasoned investors alike.  What was most notable from the beginning was the willingness of the “old pros” to team up with newer investors, teaching them to bird dog and wholesale.  Thus, the early Wealth Club began a reputation for action-oriented support and encouragement.

Over the years The Wealth Club has become a club where our members are a community, where investors can network, build relationships, and conduct business—all while receiving education and up to date information on an ongoing basis.  The Wealth Club is a community of Investors Helping Investors with the concept of giving back.

The vision was that those who were helped by The Wealth Club would in turn, help the next generation of new investors.

As a result, in 2013 Gordon passed the club down to members Tom and Melissa Berry who further expanded on The Wealth Club’s principles.  They can be credited for helping many investors to launch businesses and spawned several real estate teachers – two of whom are Steve Vigil and Suzan Meaux.

The culmination of this original vision of homegrown leaders giving back was the passing of the torch of leadership to long term club members, Steve Vigil and Suzan Meaux.

In 2018 Steve and Suzan took the helm of The Wealth Club with the intention of providing the best real estate education in the greater Houston area.  They have expanded The Wealth Club by providing more learning opportunities and personal and virtual coaching, including a video series.  They bring in knowledgeable speakers and provide new and experienced investors a full range of real estate and business knowledge.

Steve and Suzan’s career literally grew up in The Wealth Club, and credit much of their phenomenal success to the club.

As The Wealth Club was built on fundamental core values, such as “Investors Helping Investors”, Steve and Suzan continue to support these values.

“The Wealth Club helped us grow and build who we are, both in business and in character. We are excited to continue building on these core values and growing The Wealth Club and taking it to great new heights.”