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We offer both Personal and Video Coaching providing our students with the step by step education needed to gain success in Real Estate Investing.

A Word from Real Estate Investing Coach... Steve Vigil

Personal Coaching Option

  • Our Personal Coaching Program is exclusive to only a handful of selected students each year.
  • This assures our students get our full attention.
  • We take our students by the hand as we teach you to set goals, build your plan, put that plan into action.
  • We walk you through your deals from start to finish.
  • Students become part of our team, and our team is our family.

Video Coaching Option

Over the past several months we have been putting together a series of coaching videos to teach you how you can become a successful real estate investor.  These videos will give you the step by step path to follow for your success.

All you need to do is take the ACTION to make this happen for yourself.

Meet Steve Vigil

Steve Bio Profile

Steve Vigil and his partner Suzan Meaux are the owners of SVSM Enterprises, LLC and The Wealth Club.  Like most people, they started investing in real estate with little background in the industry while working full-time.  Today with 16 years of experience behind him, Steve takes great pride in educating and assisting fellow entrepreneurs in reaching their goals.

“We have been investing in real estate full-time for five years.  During this time, we have flipped over 350 deals and acquired 60 rental properties.  We still run our investing companies full time.  We are out in the field every day.

Over these five years, we have also helped a lot of people; coaching many students, taking them by the hand and getting their deals under contract.  We have given talks at many seminars and hosted numerous classes on a wide variety of topics based on all the things we have done in our business:  marketing and finding deals, wholesaling, raising private money, rehabbing, buying profitable rental properties, etc.

Through all the students we have taught, seminars where we have spoken, and all the classes we have put together, we have always tried to keep everything we teach and talk about very real.  We always want to make sure we are giving you the reality of this business.  Real Estate is a great business with a lot of great rewards.

We have built a coaching program that if followed, will give you great success as a real estate investor.

We want to show you how you can make $5,000 to $10,000 a deal and even more!!!

Our coaching program covers a wide variety of subjects that you need to know, subjects that you need to put in play in your business every day.  We want to make sure you build a strong foundation from the start.  A strong foundation will provide Your Roadmap to Success.”