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Empire Industries Mission Statement

Empire Industries is a team of committed, positive and goal-oriented people with integrity who are always striving to provide the best customer service for our clients.

We are a property management company for single-family homes. We provide all aspects of property management including maintenance, eviction services, accounting and leasing.

Our clients are seeking a better life for their family by investing in real estate. Our goal is to make their investment truly passive. Our clients are always informed but spend little time on their investments. Empire utilizes volume-based discounts and passes the savings onto our clients. Our clients are allowed more time and money to purchase more investments because of their partnership with Empire Industries.

Empire Industries views property management from an investor standpoint. Built on the principals of investing by two seasoned investors, Empire Industries stresses the importance of having the properties cash flow. We are our client’s teammates working towards a common goal – having their investment produce income.


Empire Industries:

“Providing Frustration Free Property Management By Investors For Investors”.