Vendor Spotlight



To show our sincere appreciation for the continued support of our vendors at The Wealth Club, each month we select and showcase one of our awesome vendors and provide an in-depth look at some of the beneficial services that they provide to Houston's Real Estate Investors like you.

Our Vendor Spotlight for the month of September 2020  is SVSM Enterprises, LLC

SVSM Enterprises, LLC is a full-service Real Estate Investment Solutions Company. We work every day to provide nice and safe housing for families and to help those in distressed situations relieve themselves of the burden of owning a property.

SVSM Enterprises, LLC buys and sells houses, holds a rental and owner-finance portfolio, and invests in existing mortgage notes.
When buying a property, we let the property determine the exit strategy – depending on the property condition, location, and the numbers on the deal, we determine if it would be best to rehab and flip the property or to hold the property as a rental or sell the property to an owner finance buyer.
SVSM Enterprises, LLC also invests in mortgage notes. With our strategies we are able to provide a good long-term return on our investors’ money. Ask us about it!

Many thanks to SVSM Enterprises, LLC for their continued support!