To show our sincere appreciation for the continued support of our vendors at The Wealth Club, each month we select and showcase one of our awesome vendors and provide an in-depth look at some of the beneficial services that they provide to Houston's Real Estate Investors like you.

Our Vendor Spotlight for the month of July 2021  is  TL Global


"Here at TL Global, we believe that if you have 15% or more for a down payment, you deserve to get any home you want no matter what your credit score is. With our system, you get the home you want RIGHT NOW. Our proven system helps struggling families get back on their feet by getting them in their home of choice and reporting timely payments to creditors to help them rebuild credit. Our system does not discriminate based on your history. Self-employed people are welcome. A family's life is dramatically impacted by the school district and the homes they choose. We help you every step of the way."

Many thanks to TL Global for their continued support!