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Steve Vigil

Steve Vigil is an experienced real estate investor and teacher in the greater Houston area.

As a teenager, Steve’s family made one big move from Colorado to Texas when his mother earned a life-changing transfer to Houston with Shell Oil.  After high school, Steve married and had three children.  Upon joining the workforce, Steve landed in the exhibit and trade show industry eventually becoming General Manager of one of the largest trade show companies in the country.  “We did a wide variety of events including huge corporate parties, sales conferences, and large shows such as O.T.C.  “I enjoyed what I did but realized after a number of years, there was no prize waiting for me at the end of this career."  This is what ignited Steve's interest in real estate investing.

Like most people, he and his life partner, Suzan started investing in real estate with little background in the industry while working full-time.  Between 2002 and 2009, the dynamic duo acquired six single-family properties, an eight-unit, and a ten-unit.  “We thought we knew what we were doing, but we really didn’t have a clue.”

In 2012 Steve joined The Wealth Club and his real estate investing career took off.  "We credit much of our rapid and phenomenal success to The Wealth Club.  The friends, connections, and education we received are invaluable and were imperative to our success."

The biggest challenge Steve faced was getting started.  "It had been a year since Suzan and I attended an investment seminar, but we hadn’t done any deals."  Steve's big revelation took place at a 'free in five' class conducted by The Wealth Club. "Sitting in that workshop I kept picturing myself at the front of the room.  I was discouraged thinking I would never be qualified enough to be standing there.  I had a conversation with my mentor, and he told me the only person I needed to be was myself.  I realized then, the only thing holding me back was – me.  It was a mental breakthrough.  Two weeks after that conversation I was sitting down writing a contract.  This mental breakthrough drastically changed our investment strategy and our lives.”

Today, with decades of experience behind him, Steve takes great pride in educating and assisting fellow entrepreneurs in reaching their goals and achieving wealth.

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Suzan Meaux

Suzan has always had an affinity for real estate.  Her first home purchase was a HUD foreclosure in Louisiana for her residence.  When moving to Houston in 1999, she again purchased a VA foreclosure as her personal residence with the hopes that she could someday upgrade to a nicer home and rent out this property.

Fast forward to the present, Suzan and Steve have created numerous SVSM entities to accommodate their real estate business and portfolio.

Before Suzan began her real estate investment business, she had a career in accounting and was a controller in her corporate profession.  She is experienced in all the technicalities of running a business.

In 2015 Suzan left her corporate career to run the SVSM businesses on a full-time basis.  She handles all corporate affairs for the SVSM businesses – entity structure, accounting, general ledger, 1099’s, taxes, marketing, and HR.  She also works to grow the business and build solid relationships.

Suzan’s mission is to help other entrepreneurs and add value to their lives by educating them in the world of real estate investing and in realizing their dreams.