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September 28th 2017

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"Historically Houston's values have been resilient... Values are still going to remain strong."

Melissa Mims, ReMax broker associate in Bellaire, TX, discusses the flooding around the Texas region after Hurricane Harvey on CNBC.

P O S T    H U R R I C A N E    H A R V E Y

At our next meeting will spend a great deal of time discussing the effects of Hurricane Harvey on the real estate market. 

  1. How to evaluate a property post hurricane?
  2. What is the ARV we can expect?
  3. Where does our market go from here?
  4. Did Harvey cause a shift in the strategies we are using or should be using?


It's fortuitous we had Phillip Carranza scheduled for this upcoming meeting. He and I will tell you what to look forward to in our market and how you can create sustainable wealth while giving back to your community.

We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting. For more information on Phillip, please read below.

"Houston needs investors, just like you, to get
involved. This is your opportunity to create sustainable wealth while giving back to the community. If you’ve been wanting to get involved in a
Fix and Flip deal, the time is now."


About Phillip Carranza:

He began actively investing in real estate in 2006, performing several deals via partnerships and wholesale assignments before executing his first acquisition in April of 2007.

Since then, he has performed many acquisitions in various real estate markets within Houston, with a recent focus in the Greater East End. Giving him a well-rounded understanding of several of the city's neighborhoods. While some transactions were more profitable than others, all of them contributed equally to educating him on the ins and outs of real estate investing. Phillip is knowledgeable and experienced in the full scope of house flipping and construction, as well as the development of an incoming-generating real estate investment portfolio. He implements a wide range of investment strategies daily in the management of his real estate firm, Refuge.

FIX & FLIP Key Concepts:

  • How to locate a deal
  • How to evaluate
  • How to acquire funding in order to close
  • Managing construction during repairs
  • Marketing
  • & MORE!

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