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Acceptable Donation Items

The following is a guideline for groups interested in organizing a toy drive for the patients at Texas Children’s Hospital. Our patients range in age from newborns to teens and benefit from having play materials available during their hospitalization. New toys donated by community friends keep Child Life playrooms supplied and help make special celebrations possible.

Please do not wrap gifts.

Activity books/stickers

All Plastic Infant Toys/Rattles

Animals (farm, prehistoric, ocean, safari)

Bubbles (small bottles)

Card games i.e. UNO, Skip Bo, Phase 10, Playing Cards

Cars, trucks, fire engines, tractors

Cause and effect/light up toys

Coloring/Sticker Books

Craft/paint/model sets

Crayons, markers and colored pencils

Dinosaur/robot flashing wands

Dohm Sound Machine

Duplo Blocks

Electronic Games (Bop It, Simon, Battleship)

Fisher Price Little People

Fuzzy coloring sheets in package



Hair accessories i.e. bows and clips

Hardcover I Spy Books


Hot Wheels/Matchbox cars (individual & sets)

Imagine Ink Magic Ink Pictures

iTunes gift cards

Jewelry making kits, beads

Jump ropes

Kid sunglasses

Lego building kits/sets for boy/girl

Little People sets

Musical toys—Fisher-Price brand for babies and toddlers

Nerf basketball games

Newly released movies rated G - PG13

Notepads and fun pens

O-Ball toys and cars

Play Pack Grab & Go Coloring


Playing cards or card games

Princess crowns, tiaras, wands

PS3, PS4, Xbox One Games (only E/E-10 rated)

Scratch Art Kits

Small action figures, i.e. Superman, Ninja Turtles

Small boxed puzzles (25-50 pieces)

Small packs of crayons and small coloring books

Small vinyl or rubber balls (diameter >2 inches)

Sticker Scenes

Superhero action figures

Tea sets/play dishes + food

Toy musical instruments (drums, keyboard, guitar)

Travel size board games

Please understand the following items are not acceptable: gently used stuffed animals or beanie babies, sporting equipment, toy guns, makeup/lotion, glass items, religious or edible items.

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Thank you for your donation and support.

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