April 27, 2019

Class April 2019

Getting Started as a Real Estate Investor


If you are new to the real estate investing game and you are looking for some “guidance” this class is designed for you!

Have you been to a seminar that gets you all pumped up and you are ready to leave your job the day after the seminar is over?

Have you been to these two- or three-day seminars that throw information at you faster than you can think?

We understand we’ve been there.  That’s why I have designed a class for all of you that are looking for the “guidance” you need so you can go out and really find some deals, and get your deals closed.

In this class, we will teach you the first steps to take in order to actually have success.  In this class I will show you the things I did wrong, so you don’t make the same mistakes.  I will show you how we run our business today.  I will hold nothing back in this class.  This class is designed to teach you how to get your real estate investing business off the ground.  This is all about your success!

At the end of the class you will walk away with:

  • Your goals and business plan in hand.
  • Your plan on how to market and where you should market to.
  • Your plan on how to generate leads other than paid marketing.
  • How to negotiate with a seller and get a contract signed.
  • How to work through the title process.
  • How to exit the deal - Wholesale, Fix and Flip, Buy and Hold.
  • How to fund your deals.

People have paid thousands of dollars to gain the information this class provides.

We are offering it to you at the Super Savings Price of $179.00.

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