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April 2018

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Professional Management vs. Self-Management?

Why would you choose One over the other?

>>> Avoid being the Highest Sued Person in Real Estate. <<<


Being a real estate investor means taking calculated risks and assessing all viable options. As you know, building a rental portfolio is one of the most lucrative avenues to earning and sustaining long-term wealth. That is, if you do it correctly.

You've accomplished the task of obtaining properties and found wonderful paying tenants -- now it's time to sit back and collect the checks, right? Wrong. Experienced landlords reading this are having a good chuckle at the very idea.


You find yourself asking the question, "Should I hire a professional management team?"  


This meeting is designed to give you all the tools you need to answer this question. We are going to give you a full assessment of both sides. Professional Management and Self-Management have pros and cons, but some outweigh the others depending on YOU and what you want out of YOUR business.

We've invited International Speaker, Steve Rozenberg, to speak on the topic. He is going to ensure you leave knowing the following:

1. The 7 Protected Classes
2. The #1 Reason Landlords Are Sued
3. How to Run Your Property Like a Business

We're also providing all attendees with a FREE E-Book to continue your education post meeting. 

Managing your own real estate business doesn't have to be strenuous. Don't miss this meeting. Get the tools, options and viable solutions to your most pressing property management questions.

More about our featured Speaker: 
Steve Rozenberg is a full-time commercial airline pilot flying the Dreamliner 787 and the CEO and co-founder of Empire Industries Property Management and Realty Services based in Houston, TX.  Steve has been a keynote speaker for numerous organizations and companies across the United States and international cities including Sydney, Brisbane, and London, sharing his expertise and methodology in systemization and the importance of having a checklist mindset. Steve has written and published 7 e-books. He also co-hosts two weekly radio shows, “Real Estate Wealth Building” on 1070 AM The Answer and “Wealth Through Real Estate” on Vinyl Draught Radio in Houston.  He’s a frequent guest in Dallas on 620 AM KEXB "The Experts in Business" with Brian Glenn. He has been featured across the country and in Australia on multiple programs including Flip Nerd, “Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever” with Joe Fairless. He is a frequent speaker for the Lone Star Real Estate Expo in Houston and several motivational and real estate conferences throughout Australia. Steve looks forward to sharing his knowledge with The Wealth Club members.

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