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June 2018

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Summer is here and it’s HOT,  are you ready to ride the real estate heatwave?

A question & answer panel discussion with some of Houston’s top real estate investing experts.

Now that we are halfway through 2018, have you capitalized on the market so far? Houston’s real estate investing scene has changed, and a hot, emerging market is on the horizon for Houston investors, but are YOU ready to capture the deals when they come your way?

Join us for an engaging panel dialogue on June 28th with some of Houston’s most reputable real estate experts as they discuss the upcoming real estate opportunities. These individuals hit the streets daily, and with the knowledge they’ve gained, they have been able to put together a plan of action for the changes to come.

Here are some of the insights they will be sharing:

  • How they’ve adjusted their marketing strategy and negotiation techniques to capitalize on the changing market
  • The types of deals they are finding, their exit strategies and the types of buyers that are currently buying
  • How wholesale, rehabbing, flipping and buy & hold still work when your ARV and repair numbers are correct
What you’ll be walking away with:
  • How to market to the areas you are targeting and what your marketing message should be
  • How to get an accurate ARV who can help you find it
  • How to properly estimate rehab and repairs If I don’t know how
  • How to determine the correct exit strategy

Come and join this informative panel discussion.  Bring your questions and leave with answers!

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