June 29, 2019

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Join Steve Vigil on June 29th as he shows you how you can find private lenders to fund your deals.

Private lenders are around us all the time and we don’t even know it. How can you position yourself to have these private lenders come to you out of a crowd of people?

In this one-day class Steve will teach you how you can go out and find the MONEY to fund your deals.

Often times private lenders are not at real estate events, in fact, we have found private lenders that know nothing about real estate. This is when you need to become an educator. You need to know how to pique the person’s interest. More importantly, you need to know the things NOT to say to that potential private lender.

Steve will walk you through how he does this step by step. Steve will show you how he did this in the beginning and how he does it now.

Steve will also explain when you should use hard money lenders, when you should be talking to your bank, when should you be utilizing owner finance, and what deals set up best for Subject To.

When you leave this class you will have a very good plan of how to move forward to find the right type of funding that works best for the deals you are working on.

During the class Steve will be sharing with you in detail:

  • A comprehensive list of funding options
  • How and when to use these funding options
  • How to properly analyze a deal to understand what funding options work best
  • Help you to choose the funding options that best fit your real estate business model

We are offering it to you at the Super Savings Price of $179.00.

We look forward to seeing you in this class!

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