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March 2018

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Have you been Dreaming of Quitting your J-O-B to become a Full-Time Real Estate Investor? WAIT! Join our meeting first!


Maybe you've heard of "sink or swim" but before you take the plunge you need to consider treading water! What is treading water? Oh man, A LOT of work. Here's a whole article on treading water and how to make it easier ---> Walk On Water

But let's get real and put metaphors aside, learning how to tread water isn't going to help you quit your job or build long-term wealth. We can learn one thing from the article above ---> There are steps to take in order to be successful in reaching ANY goal, even treading water! Education is key to ensuring success.

"So I can't quit my job?"

I'm not saying you can't quit your job, I'm just saying you need a plan before you do. I can't tell you how many new and optimistic investors approach me and say "I quit my job - I'm giving this my all!" I cringe at the idea and wish them the best. Suzan and I basically had to talk ourselves out of leaving our jobs. We are hard workers, it wasn't until our real estate business was so busy that we both felt we should leave our 9 to 5 behind.

"What happens if take I the plunge?"

A few months later I see the optimistic investor and I'm told they are back at their 9 to 5. What did they do wrong? Sometimes, it was a bad deal, a bad time - or the pressure was just too high and they couldn't wait to be millionaires anymore! The issue is always: The WRONG mindset. Your expectations and reality need to be the same. Being positive, open to opportunity and staying optimistic is essential to success, but not the foundation for it!

"How can I successfully Quit my J-O-B?"


Learn the 6 principals of transitioning from a J-O-B to an Investor:

  • What it takes to make the transition
  • How your mindset and commitment play a major role
  • Getting the help you need
  • Surround yourself with a team
  • Defining your Business
  • Creating Consistent Success in your Business

If you're on the edge, waiting to jump in - come to our next meeting. You will leave with valuable information that will direct you on the path to success. I can't guarantee there won't be any treading involved. Real estate investment can be extremely rewarding but there is work and maybe a little treading too.

We'll see you then.

-Steve Vigil

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