Your Roadmap to Success Video Coaching

Our video coaching program will cover a wide variety of subjects that you need to know, the subjects that you need to put in play in your business every day.  Some of the topics covered on this Video Coaching Program include: Setting Goals, Building your Business Plan, Marketing, Lead Calls, Running Comps, Negotiation, Solving Title Problems and Closing the Deal. We want to make sure you build a strong foundation from the start.  A strong foundation will give you the Roadmap to Success. 

Authored and Presented by

Steve Vigil

Full-Time Real Estate Investor

Steve Bio Profile

Steve Vigil and his partner Suzan Meaux are the owners of SVSM Enterprises, LLC and The Wealth Club.  Like most people, they started investing in real estate with little background in the industry while working full-time.  Today with 16 years of experience behind him, Steve takes great pride in educating and assisting fellow entrepreneurs in reaching their goals.


The Path that leads to Your Roadmap to Success

Following is a table of contents of our coaching videos:

  1. Video Coaching Introduction
  2. Your Whys
  3. Setting Your Goals
  4. Building Your One-Page Business Plan
  5. Your Weekly Accountability Sheet
  6. Marketing to Find Deals
  7. Lead Generation
  8. Taking the Lead Calls
  9. Your CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) – Going on the Appointment
  10. Running Your Comps
  11. Estimating Repairs
  12. Scope of Work
  13. Negotiation – Part 1
  14. Negotiation – Part 2
  15. Writing the Contract
  16. Interviewing the Title Company
  17. Building Your Buyers List
  18. Solving Title Problems
  19. Finding Your Buyer and Closing the Deal

Not only will you get all this great information in this video series; you will also receive the paperwork and documents to support each topic.

I will provide a sample for every subject that requires paperwork and you will also receive a blank copy to use as needed.

If you follow this video coaching program, you will be out there getting great deals making an average of $5,000 to $10,000 on every deal you get under contract.

Take control of your future with this great coaching video series today!

Now let’s go get some deals!!!!  Be the great winner that you are!!!!

The best to you,

Steve Vigil

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I have been to several Real Estate Investing seminars and spent 2 and 3 days in sessions that were full of information. Leaving, I felt this rush, I was excited to get out there and start buying and flipping houses, I even ordered the DVD series from a couple of them.  But then after I got home, was ready to get started, I did not feel that I learned as much as I was hoping. I didn’t have that next step in the process. Steve gives you the steps you need to take in order to become a successful real estate investor in a short, sweet and to the point method that I can truly appreciate. I can not recommend this video series enough; I can honestly say that no other Real Estate Investment DVD has compared to the knowledge I gained from Your Roadmap to Success.