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May 2018


Ready to take your real estate career to the next level?

Learn innovative and unconventional marketing techniques with seasoned investor, Nathan Haley.


Spring has sprung and so has the Houston Market! Join us May 31st to learn new and innovative marketing techniques with Nathan Haley. Nathan specializes in cutting-edge deal-finding strategies. His primary investment avenues are wholesaling and rehabbing. While wholesaling provides a low-risk investment option, rehabs can provide a substantial return on investment. Nathan has over a decade of experience with these two investment strategies and is going to share his secrets with you!


In this meeting, he will teach you new and innovative marketing techniques, how to find off-market deals, and how to build or grow your network of buyers,


Nathan will also be teaching you what opportunities wholesaling and rehabbing can lead you to! Nathan has been finding off-market deals and wholesaling in the Houston and the surrounding area an investor and as a realtor for the last decade! He has participated in hundreds of real estate transactions and is still actively investing in today.


Please join us May 31st at 6:00 PM to learn Nathan's new and innovative marketing techniques and how to execute them in today's current market.


Meet Nathan Haley:   


"I have 10 years’ experience in real estate investing. I started out
working in sales though I quickly found regular jobs weren’t for me. I soon began pursuing different avenues of real estate to become self-employed. In 2007, I started wholesaling properties. I did this for two years until I mastered the trade. I then pursued my real estate’s license and started working with Keller Williams Realty. I have been a
realtor now for 8 years. Shortly after this, I bought my first flip subject to. During my career, I have done 450 deals and worked with a partner that has accumulated over 431 doors. I have borrowed over 6 million dollars in private funds. I currently own 18 doors; an apartment complex and single-family rentals as well. My career in real estate started as an avenue to achieve self-employment, but the enjoyment I receive from helping people is what keeps me here. I have made many connections and friends through real estate. Wholesaling put me on a path that allowed me to create wealth, become self-employed and most importantly gave me more time to spend with my family and friends." I have made many connections and friends through real estate. Wholesaling put me on a path that allowed me to create wealth, become self -employed and most importantly, spend with my family and friends."

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